Roofing Services

Hail?  Hurricane?  Storm?  No matter what you have been through, we can help.  Whether you need just a simple fix, to a oloe new roof, we are there for you.

Our staff if knowledgeable about all forms of insurance claims.  We will get you the dollar value you are entitled to from you homeowner’s insurance.  You will know you are in good hands with Lampton Roofing.

McKinney Remodeling LLC has been in business since the beginning of the 2014 doing full remodels. Within this business we did roofing aw well, and in 2016 decided to create a separate division called Lampton Roofing. We have a full construction background, and this helps us to provide professional repairs for a client’s entire insurance claim, including windows, fences, gutters, drywall repairs, painting, etc. Did your leaky roof from that hail cause rain damage to your kitchen?  We can help there, too.  Remodeling with us will assure you the best possible repair, with your rooms as good as new, or better.

We’ve been using the same crews for nearly 4 years.  For you, this means consistent work at consistent quality.  We demand the best from our crews.

Have you been through hail?  A storm?  A hurricane?  Call us.  We will make sure your roof stays on tight.

So, from shingle to slab, and everything in between, let us help you.  We have the best insurance specialists in the business.  We will make sure you get every single dollar you are entitled to from your insurance company.