07 Mar 2018

Quality Assurance In Home Construction

As with anything else in life, one must always ensure that things are done correctly. If you sell any type of product or service, it should be a “given” that you stand behind your work. Even the jeans you are wearing were inspected by someone to confirm that they were constructed correctly and are not shoddy.
Suffice it to say that the same type of quality must be present within your home. Your home is a very expensive investment, and quality and safety is a valid concern. You rely on your home to keep your family safe and warm, and hope that no damage should ever come to it.

Quality assurance should be applied during any part of the homebuilding process, including any additional remodeling after the home has been constructed. If you do not employ a high quality construction company with quality assurance protocols, you could not only end up with a structure that isn’t up to “par”, but you could end up with property damage as well when remodeling.
In fact, it has been reported that 15 percent of homes built in 2004 had two major construction flaws/defects. When you apply that to the total number of homes built that year, it translates to 150,000 homes. Again, these are only defects that were reported or caught during an inspection.
The numbers could be far higher, and we would not know. Being that this issue is quite common, it is reasonable to have a fear of poor construction.

Another factor that comes into play when hiring home builders is the fact that they may subcontract to other parties. Home builders will subcontract if there is an area of expertise that they may not be experts in.
For example, if someone wanted to have a custom theater or audio room built into their home, they may hire an audio/video installation company to advise how the room should be set up for acoustics or surround sound.
While hiring subcontractors is completely legitimate, and sometimes necessary, the company you hired to build your custom home should be liable for that subcontractors work.

When hiring a custom home builder or a company to renovate your home, it is wise to get a good idea of their reputation. Inquire with the company as to who you could speak to for testimonies or referrals.
You can also check online to see if there are any complaints filed against the builder. Is the builder certified by several good-standing organizations?
Finally, be direct with the company and inquire what type of quality assurance protocols they have to ensure your home was built to the proper standards, and inquire what type of warranty they have. A good company will have some type of QA process in place, and will have a stellar warranty.


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